Camel Class (Year 6)
Miss Moore, Mr Snell and Mrs Goodwin 
Welcome to the Camel Class Year 6 page. Our class consists of 19 wonderful, bright and inquisitive children, who are eager to accept an irresistible inviation to learning. Here, you can find at updated version of your child's school curriculum and areas of learning.
If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact me either before or after school. We are also using class Dojo to communicate with parents and share some of the amazing work the children are crafting; I know the children are really proud and excited about sharing their work with you.
Find below some information about spellings, our broad and balanced curriculum and some helpful guidance.
Warmest regards,
Miss Moore
This term we will be focussing on:
English - Recapping and a SPAG focus/ Evolution story
Maths - Measures and shape
Topic - You're Hired
Science - Life on Earth (With a Trip to the Eden Project)
Computing - Advertisements using a range of media 
PSHE - Life Skills/Mindfulness
P.E - Wednesday (outdoor) Friday (indoor)
R.E - Incarnation
The spellings for each week will consist of 18 words: 6 for each level (bronze, silver and gold). The children need to pick a level in which to aim for that week; this will help to encourage indpedendent learning. The children need to get all 6 spellings correct in each level in order to obtain a bronze, silver or gold award for the week. The help sheet is attached in order to provide helpful guidance when practising spellings at home.
This year, in preparation for next year, there will be a small piece of Maths and English homework to complete each week. All children should aim to have a go as the maths will focus on the basic skills of adding, subtracting, multiplication and division with an optional extension. Children should aim to accomplish as much as they can; if there are any problems that arise, do not hesitate to contact me via Dojo or with a comment in their homework book.
You're Hired
We have a very exciting Topic coming our way this term. As the children are approaching their last segment of Primary school, what better opportunity is there to think about the future and set a goal to achieve. In this Topic we will be learning all about a range of jobs from carpenter to artist: the children will have a chance to think about their own dream job and how they would like to get there. On 6th February we will be organising our very own Trade Fair, where the children can advertise and commercialise their very own business. Moreover, the following week we will be inviting a range of different professions into our school for our own Career Fair. The children have already been busy writing a range of persuasive letters in order to get a wide range of careers to come in. We cannot wait to share this with you all.
Science: Life on Earth
This topic is compromised of learning about Darwin's theory of evolution whilst also aiming to pose questions about our existence and life on earth. We will be studying Darwin's theory of evolution and looking at ways he recorded information so that we can do the same. This topic is very exciting because it is also accompanied by a trip to the Eden Project on 25th January 2019: there, we will be given a workshop named 'Darwin's Doodles'. The workshop will tell us all about Darwin but also his right hand man Alfred Russell Wallace who played a big part (maybe even bigger than Darwin) in the creation of the evolution theory (Wallace was the founder of the idea of butterfly mimicry - he found that butterflies have evolved to copy each other in order to mimic more successful species - how cool is that!?)
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