Welcome to Fal Class (Y3)
Mrs Thomson, Mrs Ducker and Miss Woodland
Spring Term
We have lots of exciting things planned this term based on our new Cornish topic. We have a great trip planned to Geevor Tin Mine on Tuesday 20th February which we are all looking forward to! The children will be able to learn about our Cornish mining history, explore the mine underground and learn about the different jobs in a mine. Look out for some great pictures from our trip! Read below to find out what else we have planned and what we have been learning in our class. 
In English lessons this term we have been currently learning a 'warning story' where a character is warned not to do something, ignores the warning and then realises in the end that the person who warned them was right from the start. Our warning stories were based on a Tin Mine to link in with our topic. The children created some fantastic stories and really enjoyed writing these. 
For Spring 2 we will be looking at non fiction writing in the form of newspaper reports. We will start by looking at features of a newspaper report, learn about the Levant Mine disaster before finally writing our own newspaper reports based on mining. 
In maths we have been learning all about multiplication and division. We have also been having a big push on learning our x4 and x8 tables. Keep practicing those at home using Times Table Rockstars. All children have a username and password so you can practise at home. If you need any help accessing this at home, please let us know. There is the link to Times Table Rockstars below the picture. 
Our Cornish topic is called 'Bals, Karreks and Cousin Jacks' which translates into mines, rocks and Cornish miners. We will be learning about our heritage of mining, the roles within the mining community and where in the world Cornish miners travelled to for work. We have lots of hands on opportunities for children to help bring this learning to life including making mining helmets, creating brochures and also even making our own Cornish Pasties. 
In Science, we have linked our learning to our current Cornish Topic. Our first unit in Science has been about Rocks. The children learnt all about the different types of rocks, which rocks were man made and natural, how fossils are formed and also investigated the properties of rocks in exciting experiments. 
For Spring 2 we will be looking at Forces and Magnets. This will involve lots of brilliant opportunities for experiments and practical activities. 
Please find below all the documents you will need including spellings and the homework grid.  
Autumn 2
Hope you all had a great half term. We had a fantastic trip to Newquay Zoo last half term  and we have got lots of exciting new things we will be doing this half term as well....
Our current class read is a book by Dick King Smith called "The Hodgeheg" about an adventurous hedgehog who gets a bit confused after getting lost in the park. 
In English we will be having a focus on Non Fiction and will be writing a non-chrononolgical report basing this on hedgehogs. Not only will this link in with our class read but also our science learning from last half term. We will start by looking at features of a non-chronological report and then also completing our own research to help us find some interesting facts to add to our writing. 
In maths we will be focusing on addition, subtraction, measure, shape and money. 
Keep practicing those 3 and 4 times tables at home. We will be continuing to do lots of practice in school too. 
Our next topic is called "Around the World in 20 Days" and this topic we will be learning about culture, populations, landmarks and flags of 5 different countries. The countries will be flying to are USA, France, Africa, Australia and also flying back to the UK to compare the different countries to where we live. 
In science our next topic will be learning about light which will involve us understanding what materials are reflective, how shadows are created and how we can protect our eyes from the sun. We will be doing lots of exciting experiments. 
Please find below all the documents you will need for this half term including spellings, homework grid and the half termly letter. 
Autumn 1
What a fantastic start the children have made settling into their new class and school. We have been very busy the last couple of weeks and have got lots of exciting things planned for this term. Here are some of the things we have been doing and what is yet to come...
In our maths lessons we are focusing on place value, addition, subtraction and we are having a big push on learning our times tables looking at x3 and x4 this term. Have a look at our times table caterpillars below. 
In English we are focusing on a Quest Story based on the story 'Stone Age Boy'. This involves a young boy who accidentally ends up in the Stone Age and learns all about the stone age when he is there. We will be learning the story to start with using story mapping and drama before improving the text and then finally using it to base our own quest stories on.  
We will also be studying the topic 'Set in Stone' where we will be learning all about the lives of early Britons from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will be learning about how they survived during this time, the tools they made and homes they lived in. 
Newquay Zoo Trip
We are really looking forward to our first school trip to Newquay Zoo on Wednesday 18th October. This trip will link in with our science topic called  'Animals Including Humans' where we are focusing on nutrition, skeletons and muscles for both us as humans but also a variety of different animals. On the trip we will be having a workshop led by the zookeepers themselves. 
Please find below all the documents you will need including spellings, homework grid and the half termly letter.