Our Wise Learning Skills - OWLS

OWLS (Our Wise Learning Skills)
We are encouraging the children to be aware of the Core Skills that help to make them 'successful learners'.
We are linking how we learn with how our brain reacts in certain situations. We will be incorporating activities into our days that help to encourage the children to ask questions and think about how they learn and what helps them to learn.
An active assembly will be given that encourages the children to think about and understand how they react to lots of different situations. We hope it will help them when they face challenges both in their learning and in their relationships. 
This terms skill is INDEPENDENCE
We are encouraging the children to take part in our INDEPENDENT task this term. They can write, draw, make an example of what they think is the
All their wonderful work will be displayed on the website and prizes will be given to all who take part.
Happy Learning!
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