Our Vision

At St. Meriadoc we aim to provide high quality physical education for all children, delivered by confident members of staff, who are committed to engaging pupils and developing their skills in this area of the curriculum. Furthermore, we want to provide all children with the opportunity to engage in competitive sporting activities, by developing intra-school events and entering a wide range of inter-school competitions. By delivering these opportunities for our pupils, we aim to have a positive impact on their physical literacy, all-round health and confidence, while fostering a love of physical activity, which they will carry forward as they move through life.

For all to Achieve and enjoy, while offering opportunities to better ourselves through sport.

Impact so far...


The Primary Sports Premium funding will have a long term improvement on the quality and quantity of physical activity experienced by all students.  As an Alliance we have bought into a whole school survey programme that will help to improve this positive change.  As a school we have seen the impact within our events participation, we have now participated in various different sports, ranging from cross country to Hi 5 netball.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed these events and are extremely keen to enter trials prior to the events. We have also benefitted greatly with some CPD courses and this has raised the level of PE taught across the school, which has allowed all children to feel involved in sport in a positive way. We have had varied success in the competitions we have entered. In most cases qualifying to the final stage, however this is not the case in all events, but we enjoy being involved in the competitions. This has highlighted areas which can be developed within the PE lessons throughout the school.

A new scheme of work has been implemented within our school to ensure PE lesson are structured consistently throughout the year groups, the range of activities are exciting and engaging and also the children can identify their own progression through the lesson. This has also helped with our assessment of this subject.

We teach swimming in upper key stage 2 and have a range of exciting and wide ranging sports taught by Go Active leaders such as; Dutch longball, street dance and dodgeball. We have Sport For More leaders training with our lower school classes to develop the school values during our Physical Education lessons.

 This year we have selected a Sports Council which regularly meet with other schools in our area to discuss ideas and ways to improve sport in our school. They have taken a survey of sport and attitudes toward sport throughout the school. They make important decisions within our school involving fundraising events, budget decisions and competition ideas.

The sports leaders this year have been doing a fantastic job. They went to three training sessions and learnt how to lead games for other children at break times. They have begun a scooter club on a Thursday and look out for exemplary behaviour on the playground.

SSOC (School Sports Organising Crew) meet on a monthly basis with other schools in our local area to share and discuss sport within our schools and community. This led to Santa Fun Run between all 4 cluster schools, we raised money for our local leisure centre and shared our experiences via facetime with other schools.

Our gifted and talented sports players have been identified and have had opportunities to compete in various activities and take part in a Junior Athlete Education (JAE) programme to develop their skills and knowledge of sport and nutrition further.


The School Sports Council, led by Miss Moss (PE Coordinator), is a group of children throughout all the year groups whose aim is to improve participation, enjoyment, development of sports, competition and healthy living throughout St Meriadoc Junior Academy. The children help to organise inter-school competitions (ensuring that all children take part in virtual challenges), discuss possible fundraising events and have responsibilities to monitor equipment with acess to some of the school's Sports Funding budget. 

The Sports Council meets on a regular basis with Miss Moss, to discuss how we can develop our sports provision to facilitate our ambition to achieve the School Games mark. At St Meriadoc we always strive to do our best and this year, through positive attitudes and effort, we are aiming for Gold!

Our philosophy is to ensure that sport is accessible to all and we believe in giving everyone the opportunity to take part, enjoy themselves and succeed in overcoming any barriers to achieve their personal targets.


We always look forward to our extra special Sports Day where we can be mini Mo Farrahs and Jessica Ennis-Hills and race around the running track at Carn Brea Leisure Centre.