Last term we had  a whole school focus on Cornwall. Each Year group had an area of Cornwall to study; Year 3 - MINING, Year 4- FISHING, Year 5 - FARMING and Year 6 CULTURE.
Over the term the children producedtheir own Topic  books that reflected their focus area which they got to take home.
We ended the topic with a fantastic festival to celebrate all the work that the children had completed. It included their work, art work, music, bouncy castle and lots more exciting things. It really was a fantastic end to a great section of work on Cornwall. Here are just a few photos of the day, more will follow. Thank you to Lucy Goodyear for her wonderful photos. 

In our school we work tirelessly to ensure all children leave our school with excellent standards in English, Maths and RE. We are constantly assessing the children to ensure that lessons are planned to help them make great progress. We endeavor to give the children many life skills and a wide range of learning opportunities in school through a broad and balanced curriculum. Not only do we ensure we plan exciting lessons to meet the National Curriculum we provide many other activities and sessions.



We have worked with a local artist, Melanie Young, who helped each class to create a ‘legacy’ piece of artwork for the school.


We also have a school Samba band and each class gets a half-term block to hone their drumming skills with a specialist Samba teacher.



We have close links with Camborne Academy across the field from us and children take part in a wide range of PE and Science lessons on their site. We are really looking forward to making the most of their new Nexus Maths and Science programmes this year.

Each class within the school, took part in new learning across a variety of subjects and topics. We then created beautiful displays using our learning. See our amazing displays below...