Anthony Horowitz - Year 5

Welcome to Malpas Class.

Meet the Team: 

Mrs Cahill

Class Teacher: Mrs Cahill

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Marshall, Mrs Bentham and Mrs Woodland.

Here you will find information on what is happening in our class throughout the term and any other key documents.

Check out our Class Story for this term - Secret of the Dark Woods by Scott Jones

We have really enjoyed the story so far!

Summer - The Myths and Legends of Cornwall

This term we will be focussing on the Cornwall for our curriculum topic.

This term we will be delving into the well-known myths and legends that have been shared throughout Cornwall for many, many years! From the giant who made St Michael's Mount his home to the legend of King Arthur at Tintagel. Explore the knowledge organiser to discover key facts and knowledge. We are lucky enough to have Scot Jones, the local author coming to share his new novel with us, and hopefully help us create some characters for our own adventure story. His latest novel will be our class read. We are currently planning at least one class trip to visit one of the places we will be studying.

Please see Homework, Spellings and KIRFs below - Along with other important information.