Collective Worship

At St Meriadoc Junior Academy, we join together every day for collective worship as we value the importance of coming together in unison as a whole school community. We have different Worship Leaders who take each day within the week, from Mrs Anderson, different teachers, visitors from local churches as well as the children themselves through the Worship Committee.

During collective worship children are given many opportunities to be involved and engaged. Children take part through joining as a whole community and singing together, they are also often asked to lead prayers and times of reflection. 

Bible stories and topics covered are linked to our Christian values or topical issues and during worship children are engaged by reflecting on how these teachings can impact on their lives as well as how they should choose to lead their lives.

Children are also invited to share any of their personal celebrations within collective worship and are involved within reviewing collective worship.

Our Worship Committee consists of six Year 6 pupils who meet with the RE and Worship Lead to help plan and prepare the Collective Worship timetable each half term. They have also recently started to take Collective Worship in which they choose a story which teaches the current focus Christian value, a relevant song, a way for children to participate as well as writing their own prayer.