Health and Wellbeing

We hope you and your loved ones are getting by in these challenging and unsettling times. As we work and educate our children remotely, we need to be sensitive to their emotional and physical wellbeing. We’re still at the end of a call or email should you need us and have created this tab to provide you with some guidance on wellbeing.

The importance of sleep

Children, did you know...

All of us need a good sleep every night (even grown ups!).

After a good sleep

➔ I will feel refreshed, awake and energised

➔ It will boost my immunity which keeps me healthy

➔ I will be in a better mood and feel happier

➔ I will find it easier to learn and I will remember things better

➔ I will feel alert and I will have fewer accidents

Not getting enough sleep will also mean that you are likely to feel grumpy, short tempered and have a lack of focus.


How much sleep is enough?

Age (years)

Recommended sleep (in hours)


10 hours 30 minutes


10 hours 15 minutes


10 hours


9 hours 45 minutes


9 hours 30 minutes

Healthy Habits

Eat your 5 a day! - Tinned & frozen count too (they contain more nutrients such as vitamin C than their fresh varieties too!). Try to buy fruit canned in juice as opposed to syrup.

Variety and Balance - You don’t need to eat a special diet as ALL foods provide some goodness. Three of the nutrients that help to support your immune system and make you feel and stay well include vitamin A (sweet potato & spinach), vitamin C (berries, tomatoes & peppers) & zinc (meat, shellfish, dairy & bread).

Hydration - Drink between 5 - 7 glasses of water a day to feel and function at your best.

Sleep - See the Importance of Sleep homework sheet.

Snack Time - Healthy snacks are great! Fruit, nuts, low sugar snacks.

Structure and Routine - Structure your day i.e. have set times for meals, snacks, a walk/exercise.

Exercise - This is essential. Being out in the open (in nature ideally) does wonders for our mental health and also helps with our vit D levels. If you cannot access outdoors then see the activities below for ideas to exercise indoors. We recommend that all children have access to daily physical activity for at least 60 minutes everyday.

Action For Happiness

Please click on the link below to find the Action For Happiness calendar for this month. Challenge yourself to see how many random acts of kindness you can do this month.