How our curriculum is adapted for SEND 

At St Meriadoc Juniors, we are always thinking about how we can adapt our curriculum to make it accessible to all pupils within the school with a focus on pupils with SEND. As a result, we aim to provide a variety of learning activities to support the diverse range of needs within our pupils help them to learn in ways that suit them. Engaging in different types of activity, such as problem solving, discussion, hands-on exercises and presentations helps to ensure that pupils will each experience learning opportunities that support their particular ways of learning. We understand that some pupils with SEND will always find particular learning activities difficult therefore we present the same content/teaching point in two or three different ways, for example, using text, visual images, and sound; offer clear examples in different ways; use narrative and story; use games; offer collaborative learning opportunities; use demonstrations which allow pupils to watch and observe; allow pupils opportunities to create, experiment and ‘have a go’; communicate key points as clearly as possible using text as well as the teacher’s voice; offer suggestions for follow up learning for those who learn more slowly over time.