School Council

Let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you judge the peoples with equity and guide the nations upon earth. (Psalms)

At St Meriadoc Junior Academy we chose new School Councillors at the beginning of the school year, there is always two selected from each year class.

We first talk about what makes a good School Councillor and everybody gets a chance to write a manifesto which explains what they promise to do if elected. After this, we go into the hall where we take turns to read our manifesto and explain why we would be a good rep for the school. Children then return to class where they make an anonymous vote. Finally, two members from each class are chosen.

The School Councillors which are elected represent the views of all pupils and help to improve their school.

The School Council are the pupil's voice - meetings are held in class and during this time every pupil has the opportunity to share ideas with their councillor. These ideas are then discussed at the next school council meeting. Meetings are held at least once a month.

We have worked very hard this year on various projects so far: We have considered how we keep ourselves healthy and the importance of a healthy and varied diet. To spread this message we have designed posters for the school and delivered an assembly on how we can be healthy and given examples of what we could have in our lunchbox. We have also been looking into fundraising ideas this year to continue our development of an outdoor reading area. Reading is extremely important to us here at SMJ, and we would love to combine reading and nature, to have reading spaces wherever we go. Later this term we will be holding a fundraising event to raise money for the materials to make this project a reality.